Manuiti Beach & Resort

Remote tropical island beach and resort

Client: Manuiti Beach & Resort

Focus: Brand Identity, Packaging, Architecture Displays, Signage, Promotional Products, Marketing Assets

Family owned and operated, Manuiti has become a cherished destination for couples and newly weds, who prefer the activities of the tropics and nature as well as drinks by the pool.

Because of the abundant marine life, serene location, fun-loving guests and personable staff, We were able to quickly produce visual assets that could be used across the resort to give their guests a coherent experience that would stay in their minds, give them photos to share and a destination to recommend.

Sales and price point were increased to make sure the resort was healthy and sustainable.

What started out at first as an unforgettable vacation, quickly turned Manuiti into a opportunity to produce a brand that would last the test of time and be able to be passed down from generation to generation.

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