Lavigne Parfumerie

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Client: Lavigne Parfumerie

Focus: Branding Strategy, Design, Illustrations, Logo, Visual Branding, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Brand Assets, Architecture

What started in a quaint 30 square meter space on a chic but hidden avenue in Paris, Lavigne, a creator and master chemist, grew her laboratoire until her dreams outgrew her physical space and online strategy.

Empathetic to her constant juggling of sales, relationships, and operational challenges, we took on the task of revamping the Lavigne Parfumerie site and branding to ensure a smooth and painless process to grow her customer base while retaining her loyal clientele.

Our initial involvement was giving the Lavigne brand a complete overhaul from the previous identity. This included a new logo, business card, letterhead, and promotional items. The challenge was to retain some of the original Lavigne DNA which had previously featured an engraved flower. How could this be updated, simplified, and modernize to bring in a new generation of clients? This is where being fluent in the local language and a relationship spanning almost 7 years, built on mutual trust and respect, comes in handy.

In a few short months, we were able to design, construct, and launch an elegant and responsive site with a completely new store front.

The final product was a system that was completely new but at the same time a seamless transition for the loyal fans.

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